Allmapsoft Google Satellite Map Downloader Serial key is a free software program that allows users to capture and save high-resolution satellite map imagery from Google Maps. With versatile tools to set custom boundaries and batch export location images, Allmapsoft makes it easy to access printable topographic maps for analyzing landscapes, planning geography-related projects, and various other applications.

Overview of Allmapsoft Google Satellite Map Downloader Serial key

Allmapsoft is a desktop application available for Windows that enables searching locations on Google Maps and exporting the satellite map data for any area you define. Whether you need a bird’s-eye satellite view or labeled road map of a region, Allmapsoft lets you download the images for use offline.

Key features:

  • Works offline after quick install, no internet needed to use
  • Downloads high-res satellite, terrain, and hybrid Google Maps
  • Create custom map boundaries with area and size tools
  • Batch export allows capturing multiple locations
  • Saves JPG, TIFF, PNG, and other image formats

Use cases:

  • Analyzing geography, topography and landscapes
  • Planning construction, agriculture, conservation projects
  • Finding hiking, hunting, fishing spot terrain details
  • Creating printable maps with labels for travel/outdoors
  • Researching remote locations on satellite view

Unlike manually screenshotting maps or using expert GIS software, Allmapsoft provides an easy way to export crisp satellite imagery and map data for reference and integration into reports, flyers, presentations and more.

Allmapsoft Google Satellite Maps Downloader Serial key

How Allmapsoft Downloader Works

Once installed on your Windows PC, Allmapsoft gives you access to searchable Google Maps data that you can narrow down to any bounded area for export.

It works by letting you define a custom map section, then save high-resolution versions of that area’s satellite imagery or map layer so you can access it offline later. This gives you an exportable geographic dataset for the location’s landscape details and terrain not possible from a static screenshot.

Customizable download settings:

  • Map type: satellite, terrain (topography), hybrid
  • Output image file format: JPG, TIFF, PNG + more
  • Pixel size/resolution
  • Map bounds tools to draw any area shape

Advanced tools also provide latitude/longitude coordinates and boundary measurements during area selection. Once your desired map area is set, with a click of the “Download” button Allmapsoft will capture the imagery and save it to your computer at the defined settings.

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Benefits of Using Allmapsoft Google Satellite Map Downloader Serial key

As a standalone offline program, Allmapsoft Free download provides valuable geographic data downloading capabilities without needing an internet connection after quick initial setup.

Compared to manually screenshotting maps, Allmapsoft key benefits include:

  • Higher quality exports – download true high-res map imagery vs. static screenshots
  • More map data – access more Google Maps data layers offline
  • Time savings – define bounds once for batch location exports
  • Reusability – download same bound areas recurringly with ease
  • Map flexibility – customize map types, boundaries, sizes

Consider Allmapsoft when you need accessible rich geographic imagery data for offline reference or use. The software particularly shines for landscape analysis, localized geography studies, planning site-specific construction or agriculture projects, researching remote locations, and creating professional customizable maps.

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Satellite Maps with Allmapsoft

Using Allmapsoft to download customizable satellite map images or other Google Maps data layers takes just a few steps.


Download the free Allmapsoft Google Satellite Map Downloader Serial key installation file. Run through the installer prompts to finish setting up the program on your Windows PC.

Browse Map Location

Open Allmapsoft and search or pan/zoom to the desired location you want to download a map for. Position the map area centrally to begin defining boundaries.

Set Custom Boundary

Use the shape tools to plot your desired image boundary area and size. View the latitude/longitude bounds or input an exact custom size like 5 square miles.

Configure Map Type and Settings

On the right settings panel, pick map type (satellite, terrain or hybrid) along with output format (JPG, TIFF, PNG) and image resolution.

Download Imagery

With your boundary set and options selected, hit “Download” to export the high quality map imagery file(s) matching your parameters for that location.

Repeat for Other Locations

Easily repeat the process and tweak settings to download additional maps. Use batch processing for multiple location downloads.

Comparing Allmapsoft to Other Satellite Software

How does Allmapsoft compare to other satellite imagery and map software?

Allmapsoft | GIS Tools Like QGIS —|— Free and easy to use | Advanced paid tools for pros Lower resolution imagery | Very high-res custom satellite data Pre-built Google Maps data | Requires finding and importing map data Limited in professional settings | Industry-standard for spatial analysis Good for simple consumer/hobbyist mapping | Made for commercial/government use

Allmapsoft | Google Earth Pro —|— Simple standalone software | Complex with more learning curve Lower-res maps but still detailed | Extremely high-res 3D map views Draw any custom boundary area | Pre-set map data limits Export flexibility with batch processing | Restrictions and workarounds for exports Free with good hobbyist-tier quality | Paid but more feature-rich

When choosing Allmapsoft vs. manually screenshotting maps, the software offers significant flexibility, quality, and reusability advantages. But for advanced commercial-grade projects, GIS tools and Google Earth provide far greater high-resolution data capabilities – at the expense of affordability and usability.

Allmapsoft Google Satellite Maps Downloader Serial key

When Allmapsoft Performs Best

  • Hobbyist mapping personal location data
  • Enhancing printable custom maps with satellite views
  • Incorporating map imagery into reports and planning documents
  • Researching remote land and geography details
  • Quick landscape terrain analysis without advanced analytics


If your satellite mapping needs call for detailed landscape terrain analysis, location scouting, planning site geography factors, or even creating professional presentation maps – consider test driving Allmapsoft’s straightforward capabilities for easily exporting that data from Google.

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